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From "Barlotta, Timothy - Arlington, VA - Contractor" <>
Subject RE: Configuration setup with web.xml
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:46:55 GMT
> My web service receives data and saves it out to a user 
> defined directory. Currently I have them defining the 
> directory in a file that my web service reads in.  However, I 
> would like to move this functionality over to web.xml. I'm 
> not sure on how to get a handle to the property from the 
> serviceimpl part of the web service.

Possible solutions:
a) read it from another props file - usually put in WEB-INF/classes
b) have a servlet that doesn't define any doGet(), etc... methods but
simply loads up the parameters from the web.xml file and makes them
available to other classes via some mechanism

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