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From "Merten Schumann" <>
Subject JAX-RPC web service in Axis, servletEndpointContext.isUserInRole(), how to map users to roles?
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:12:08 GMT
This is a repost with a different subject, maybe I do get with this new
subject responses here. :-)

I got a simple service with basic auth running in Axis, Hurray!
For that, following some documentation I created a .war with axis.jar
and all in it to have my own web app. Works fine. :-)

Now I do call in the service implementation
and get all the time false returned.
Hmmm, could it be that in Axis/Tomcat the concept of these "logical"
roles isn't implemented and we have "only" users and groups?

My web.xml contains link to my_role:

When I deploy to Sun App server, I have in sun-web.xml
to map the logical role (my_role) to a group (my_group1). The group is
physically existing in the Sun App server. Then,
isUserInRole("my_role") returns true. In the App Server's admin, I do
setup groups, not roles. In conf/tomcat-users.xml, probably the roles
mean groups. I tried to put there a <group> Element, seems to work. But
how (where?) to map the group to a role, as I can do in sun-web.xml?

Could you help me here, how to manage this logical role stuff in
Thank you!

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