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From Reiner Kappenberger <>
Subject Re: AW: Switching communication direction between client and server
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2004 16:34:22 GMT
Not talking about initiating a connection to the client - I know that 
that won't work.

The client creates the connection to the server. Sends 1 or more initial 
messages and is supposed to send a HTTP post (empty) which will then 
allow the server to send messages to the client (Request/Response) over 
the existing HTTP connection.


Steffen Heil wrote:

>HTTP is a pulling protocoll.
>Server initiated calls are not supported as long as you run no web server on
>the client, which will be hard, regarding to proxies, firewalls, ip changes,
>Forget it, redesign your app.
>  Steffen

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