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From Dan Ciarniello <>
Subject Re: How to change the port where AdminClient runs?
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 16:00:03 GMT
Koney, Satish wrote:

>The problem with the AdminClient is that it is not showing any useful
>message if it is invoked without any parameters.
>This is the message that is displayed.
>INFO: Usage:  AdminClient xml-files | list
>But when I decompiled the AdminClient file I found that it is using command
>line arguments.
>The command line args are passed to constructor of Options class.
>but there is no help on the usage of AdminClient with command line args..
That's odd.  When I invoke AdminClient without any parameters I get:

Usage:  AdminClient [Options] [list | <deployment-descriptor-files>]

Processes a set of administration commands.

The following Options are available:

    -l<url>         sets the AxisServlet URL
    -h<hostName     sets the AxisServlet host
    -p<portNumber>  sets the AxisServlet port
    -s<servletPath> sets the path to the AxisServlet
    -f<fileName>    specifies that a simple file protocol should be used
    -u<username>    sets the username
    -w<password>    sets the password
    -d              sets the debug flag (for instance, -ddd would set it 
to 3)
    -t<name>        sets the transport chain touse


    list            will list the currently deployed services
    quit            will send a quit message to SimpleAxisServer
    passwd          value changes the admin password

Deployment Descriptor files:

<deployment-descriptor-files> deploys or undeploys Axis components and
web services described in these files

If -l or -h -p -s are not set, the AdminClient will invoke

 From the above, you probably want something like:

AdminClient -lhttp://localhost:8082/axis/servlet/AxisServlet


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