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From Adrian Perez Jorge <>
Subject Re: WSDD files for EJB web services
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 08:12:34 GMT

> My questions are:
> Q. When exposing an EJB as an axis web service do I have to always 
> *manually* make the WSDD file or can I somehow make an appropriate 
> one using wsdl2java.

You can use XDoclet ( axis support to build your .wsdd 
files from your source code javadoc-like comments.  Then use that .wsdd 
with AdminClient to deploy your web services and finally you can get the 
WSDL files from `http://<yourhost>:<port>/<axis-url-path>/services'.

`deploy.wsdd' is not required at the client side (`client-config.wsdd' 
is used to include custom serialization/deserialization, which for a 
started is quite uncommon to be used; maybe later).  `deploy.wsdd' 
mainly contains information for the server-side.

> Q. And if I have to manually make it, how do I generate the client 
> stubs using wsdl2java without also creating an extra WSDD file I don't 
> want?

Are you sure that .wsdd file was generated by wsdl2java without the '-s' 
option or by java2wsdl?

Try in an empty directory "java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java 
It will generate just the stubs in the current directory.

Adrian P.J.

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