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From Axel Burwitz <>
Subject axis msql jdbc configuration help
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 07:23:37 GMT

I am a beginner in Axis and need some help, because in spite of all 
Tomcat doc reading, googling, trying: I can't work it out:

I have a small Java WebService with usage of Axis 
programmed/installed/deployed/tested, and it works. Fine.

But now, I want to use my MySQL Database with JDBC as in all other Java 

I have copied the mysql-connector-java-3.0.11-stable-bin.jar to the 
directory /opt/tomcat/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib, have set the CLASSPATH 
entry for that location, and have - according to Tomcat doc- added

"<Context path="/axis" docBase="axis"
        debug="5" reloadable="true" crossContext="true">

          <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
                     prefix="localhost_DBTest_log." suffix=".txt"

          <Resource name="jdbc/axis"

          <ResourceParams name="jdbc/axis">

    <!-- Maximum number of dB connections in pool. Make sure you
         configure your mysqld max_connections large enough to handle
         all of your db connections. Set to 0 for no limit.

    <!-- Maximum number of idle dB connections to retain in pool.
         Set to -1 for no limit.  See also the DBCP documentation on this
         and the minEvictableIdleTimeMillis configuration parameter.

    <!-- Maximum time to wait for a dB connection to become available
         in ms, in this example 10 seconds. An Exception is thrown if
         this timeout is exceeded.  Set to -1 to wait indefinitely.

    <!-- MySQL dB username and password for dB connections  -->
             <value>here is my name..</value>
             <value>here is my pw...</value>

    <!-- Class name for the old mm.mysql JDBC driver - uncomment this 
entry and comment next
         if you want to use this driver - we recommend using Connector/J 
    <!-- Class name for the official MySQL Connector/J driver -->
    <!-- The JDBC connection url for connecting to your MySQL dB.
         The autoReconnect=true argument to the url makes sure that the
         mm.mysql JDBC Driver will automatically reconnect if mysqld 
closed the
         connection.  mysqld by default closes idle connections after 8 
              <value>jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/here is my 

into my $CATALINA/conf/server.xml

But but but: my program does not get anything working with database access !

Is there anything more to do ??

And I am not sure about the meaning of "path" and "docbase" (see above 
in the server.xml)

Any help wold be greatly appreciated !
(If I get it working, I promise to write a small How To and will publish 
it on our Linux User Group Website..)

Best regards



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