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From Herman Gábor <>
Subject Generating client stubs using existing classes for parameter types.
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:35:13 GMT
Hi all,

My name is Gabor. I am developing an application which is a web service 
client. It is me who is responsible for providing the WSDL that my 
client implements. I would like to start with a java interface and 
generate the wsdl from it.

I do the following to generate the client stub I use.

1. Generate the WSDL that my client has to implement from a java 
interface with Java2WSDL
2. Generate the client stub from the WSDL with WSDL2Java

My problem is that in step 2 I get another implenetation of the complex 
type parameters used on the original interface. I can't pass the 
original objects which are used in my business logic to the client stub 
I have to copy them field by field to objects of type used by the stub.

Could I get WSDL2Java to use existing classes instead of generating new 
ones for the parameter types?
Is there another elegant sollution to my problem?

Gabor Herman
Softwrare developer
Flexiton Kft.

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