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From "Arijit Mukherjee" <>
Subject RE: Java2WSDL on class that implements multiple interfaces
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:42:45 GMT
Are you inheriting your interfaces from a base class? I thought WSDL
doesn't yet support inheritence...

This was the reason why the globus guys created the concept of GWSDL and
modified Axis for GT3.x...


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Eric Chijioke [] 
>Sent: 20 October 2004 16:35
>Subject: Java2WSDL on class that implements multiple interfaces
>Running the WSDL2Java tool on a class that implements multiple 
>interfaces (or a base class and 1+ interfaces), results in a 
>WSDL schema that (randomly?) selects only one of the 
>interfaces (or base class) as the <extension base="XXX"> of 
>the implementing class. 
>Is there a way to express multiple interface implementations 
>in XML schema, and if so, shouldn't Java2WSDL be doing it?
>This may be the wrong group to pose this question to as it 
>probably has more to do with XML Schema, but I think it 
>manifests itself as a shortcoming of the Java2WSDL tool.

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