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From "Arijit Mukherjee" <>
Subject RE: Websphere 5.1 and Axis rc1
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 11:48:22 GMT
Hi Thomas
I had similar problems (with tomcat though). Tomcat needs all java.* and
javax.* classes in TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib or
TOMCAT_HOME/common/endorsed. There 
would probably be something similar in WebSphere. You need to make sure
that the jar files in Axis and Websphere are equivalent...
Hope this helps.


	From: Dorner, Thomas [] 
	Sent: 19 October 2004 12:35
	Subject: Websphere 5.1 and Axis rc1

	Hello all,


	I got an java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError when I make a
call to my WebService using

	Websphere 5.1. I learn form the mailinglist, that the problem
belongs to the jars delivered with

	AXIS and Websphere. Especially the saaj.jar causes the problem!?


	Can someone tell me, how I can solve this problem please???



	Thanks for any hint



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