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From Shantanu Sen <>
Subject Re: JavaBean as parameters overwritten by WSDL2JAVA
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:55:57 GMT
I have a similar issue.

I am doing a Java2WSDL on a set of existing
class/interfaces that contains beans and arrays of
beans and then I do a WSDL2Java to genrate the WSDD
that I need to programmatically configure the axis
engine on the server side. But this results in
overwriting the pre-existing beans and generating
other array specific artifacts such as ArrayOfMyBean
classes if I use doc/lit.

I want to not overwrite the pre-existing beans and
also not generate the ArrayOf* artifacts but map the
arrays to the actual classes that are already
pre-exising. I believe axis does this because it uses
the ArrayOf* classes as the default typemapping for
arrays of beans. 

I have not found any solution to this yet. Any inputs
from anyone on this?

Shantanu Sen

--- Grenier Nicolas <>

> Hello,
> I have a Web Services that use JavaBean as In/Out
> parameters. My JavaBean are classes that have been
> previously created. My problem is that when I run
> Wsdl2Java it overwrites my JavaBean classes and I
> loose the code I have put in them.
> Is there a way to avoid that WSDL2Java overwrite
> JavaBeans used as parameters of WebServices methods
> ?
> I use Axis 1.1.
> Here is the Ant build file I use to generate Java
> code from WSDL:
> 	<!-- WSDL2JAVA -->
> 	<target name="axisDeploy" depends="wsdlGenerate"
> description="deploy for Axis">
> 		<axis-wsdl2java output="${project.sources}"
> verbose="true" 
> 			deployscope="Application" serverside="true"
> skeletondeploy="false" >
> 			<mapping namespace="${webservice.urn}"
> package="${webservice.package}" />
> 		</axis-wsdl2java>
> 		<fwkJavac srcdir="${project.sources}"
> 		          destdir="${project.classes}"
> 		          deprecation="${project.deprecated}"
> 				  debug="${project.debug}" />
> 	</target>
> Thanks in advance.
> Nicolas GRENIER

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