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From Pat Allan <>
Subject wsdl autogeneration
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 05:06:53 GMT
Hi all

I've been scouring this list and the net for an answer to my question
- seems some people have had similar issues, but no fixes.

http://localhost:8181/taskServices/TaskWS is the service. And when I
visit that through a browser, I get:

And now... Some Services
    * TaskWS (wsdl)
          o addInt

When I add ?wsdl to the url
(http://localhost:8181/taskServices/TaskWS?WSDL), then I get:

AXIS error
Could not generate WSDL!
There is no SOAP service at this location

Which seems to be a common error, and one I'd like to fix. Yes, I know
there's tools to generate this, but I'd much prefer it happen

One other issue (maybe related, maybe not) is that the (wsdl) link on
the main page points to
http://localhost:8181/taskServices/services/TaskWS?wsdl (note the
/services added) - so that actually gives me a 404. Changing the path
from taskServices to services makes no difference, it still adds it
into the url (ie. http://localhost:8181/services/services/TaskWS?wsdl)

For references' sake, my server-config.wsdd is as follows:
<deployment xmlns=""
	<service name="TaskWS" provider="java:RPC">
  	<parameter name="className"
  	<parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>

The .java file: 
public class TaskWS
  public int addInt(int a, int b){

In WEB-INF i have the classes folder, and then the namespace folders
(com/freelancingGods/life/lifeCore/) and then in there TaskWS.class
(and .java for what its worth).
In the WEB-INF/lib folder, just in case, i also have

I'm running this through Jetty, which is enclosed within my own Java
app. Not the most simple setup, granted, but it's what I prefer. I'm
currently running it through Eclipse on WinXP

If anyone can spot anything stupid that I've done, come up with any
suggestions, anything, just let me know.


pat at freelancing-gods dot com

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