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From "Bartek Wasko" <>
Subject getting value from soap message as stream
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 06:55:34 GMT

Is it possible to read data from soap message in my deserializer as stream ?. So I don't want
to register such value, I got from soap, directly with some object in onStartChild() method
of my deserializer but 
get it directly as stream and write to filesystem without memory overload (attachment can
be huge -  200MB). I dont use soap attachments but send attachments as byte64 encoded data
within soap envelope.

public SOAPHandler onStartChild(String namespace,
                                    String localName,
                                    String prefix,
                                    Attributes attributes,
                                    DeserializationContext context)
            throws SAXException 

        QName typeQName = (QName) typesByMemberName.get(localName);
        if (typeQName == null) {
            throw new SAXException("Invalid element in Data struct - " + localName);

        // These can come in either order.
        Deserializer dSer = context.getDeserializerForType(typeQName);
            what should I do here????????to get the byte array value as stream
            try {
                dSer.registerValueTarget(new FieldTarget(store, localName));
            }    catch (NoSuchFieldException e) {
                throw new SAXException(e);

        return (SOAPHandler) dSer;

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