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From Frank-Ralph Reiser <>
Subject Request formed from WSDL doesn't have the method name?
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 09:03:07 GMT
One of my web service classes deployed with axis has e.g. a method

public Data findCityByName(String name) {...}

which returns a Data object containing an array of City objects.

Consuming that webservice using an JSP client with generated stubs by wsdl2java
and either apache axis works without any problems.
But when consuming it with e.g. nuSOAP (PHP) or MS SOAP 3.0, the request doesn't
contain the method name.
Since the deployed ws class contains several deployed methods, axis simply calls
the first method with matching parameters.

When I write the request message by hand, as it should be, it works as wanted.

Did I deploy the webservice wrong?

<deployment name="test"
	<service name="WS" 
		<parameter name="className" value="de.frr.webservice.WS"/>
		<parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>
		<parameter name="sendMultiRefs" value="false"/>
		<parameter name="sendXsiTypes" value="true"/>

Or is there anything else I should have a look at?

Thanks in advance,

Frank-Ralph Reiser

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