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From "tom ONeill" <>
Subject RE: Deserializing XML w/o using client stubs
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:15:05 GMT
Hi Michael,

Yes we are going to work with generated stubs. All Im confused about now is 
what Axis1.2 offers that supercedes the need to manually register the datat 
type class (i.e. will mean that I dont have to use reflection to instantiate 
the stub for my dataclass and then retrive the TypeDesc from the stub and 
register this TypeDesc with the TypeMapping object which exists within the 

You said " What you get there is a readily initialised TypeMapping, so you 
don't need to
manually register the classes."

Where does this readily initialised TypeMapping exist and what is the new 
magic that means that I dont have to manually do the registration.


>From: "Michael Binz" <>
>Subject: RE: Deserializing XML w/o using client stubs
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 09:43:54 +0200 (MEST)
> > The XML string which I receive is generated by a mainframe
> > application which
> > does a conversion between an old proprietary data format and XML.
> >
> > In your code you mention that it is not necessary to register
> > Axis classes
> > explicitly in Axis 1.2 - that Axis 1.2 can do this
> > dynamically. In that case
> > I probably need to use Axis 1.2 as this is functionality that I would
> > require. I cannot use a hardcoded list of data classes (as
> > done in the
> > sample code provided) as I have no control over the contents
> > of the WSDL
> > file (which is defined by an external partner) so its
> > possible that the
> > required datatypes can (and do) change regularly. Of course
> > it would be
> > possible to use a hardcoded array of the type classes if we
> > were to use the
> > WSDL file along with an XSL file to generate our
> > serializsation/deserialization source code but I would prefer
> > not to have to
> > do this. If Axis 1.2 can handle the datatype registration
> > dynamically then
> > this would be preferable. Do you know how this dynamic
> > registration is
> > provided in Axis 1.2? Axis does not seem to provide any release notes
> > detailing functionality changes from one release to the next?
>Hm, using Axis 1.2 does not exactly give you *dynamic* registration.  What
>you get there is a readily initialised TypeMapping, so you don't need to
>manually register the classes.
>Even in the code version that you have, it would be possible to add a fully
>dynamic registration capability.  We thought about this, but decided 
>implementing it because we expected it to get a bit complicated, and 1.2
>anyway would solve the problem.  A scetch of the algorithm is (forgive the
>fuzzy description):
>- Do *not* preinitialise the TypeMapping.
>- Instead handle 'SerializerNotFoundException' (or similar - I cannot
>remember the actual exception type).  If one of these is thrown, get the
>message from the exception and compute from this the name of the missing
>- Using this name, do a Class.forName() and dynamically register the
>resulting class in your TypeMapping.
>- Retry.  The next SerializerNotFoundEx should hopefully refer to a
>different type, handle that like above.
>But even in this very dynamic case the assumption is that the stub types
>have been generated and can be loaded.
>Maybe I do not fully understand what you're trying to do.  If you actually
>want to work without any generated stubs, then you would have to use the
>dynamic WebService aspects: like putting together a Call object and 
>decoding the java.lang.Object returned from the invoke() operation -- we
>used this in simple cases, but I do not know what happens if the service
>returnes some complicated datatypes.  Maybe here are other possibilities.
> > Michael thanks very much for the sample code as it is exactly
> > what I was looking for :)
>You're welcome.  We needed a lot of research to put that code together, may
>it help many projects... ;^)
>Best wishes,
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