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Subject Re: NoClassDefFound: Software, part II (sorry ...)
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:05:21 GMT
Axel Bock a écrit :

> Keith Hatton wrote:
>> Try not using long directory names with spaces in them when you're 
>> setting
>> the CLASSPATH. I think your AXIS_HOME variable (C:\Programme\Apache
>> Software Foundation\Axis1.2b) or TOMCAT_HOME is the problem. The Java
>> interpreter is having a problem with the command line. Either put it in
>> quotes, remove the spaces, or use DOS 8.3-style file names.
> Okay, I haved cooled down now ... . Thank you, that was the right 
> thing to do, but what really gives me the creeps here is that
> 1. axis itself doesn't give a da*n about spaces in classpath while 
> running - I checked that.
> 2. the java compiler does not care about spaces in classpath (checked 
> with tomcat and soapmonitor)
> 3. in summary: all is running well with these little spaces, BUT this.

You can use quotes around classpaths, too :


Or use short names of these directories (like "c:\Progra~1" for 
"c:\Program Files"); but I prefer the first solution, if it works :)


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