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From "Tami Wright" <>
Subject RE: deploying web service with database class import
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:09:17 GMT
In your web.xml of your web-app add this:
Make sure that the axis webapp (that comes with the Axis tar/zip when
you download and extract) is under your "webapps" directory of your
appserver.  Also, ensure that all the axis jars and axis' dependency
jars are under the $APPSERVERHOME/common/lib directory (this is  more
specific to Tomcat, so make sure the jars are where your appserver can
find them when it loads itself up upon start or restart).  You don't
have to port anything to axis but the object you want to axis-ize.  You
should be able to continue to access your database if your using
straight jdbc.  Make sure to package all axis jars and dependency jars
with your war, too.  (Just to ensure your web service can find
everything it needs to run correctly.)
If you have any other questions, let me know.  There are some
intermediary steps that I didn't touch on as far as turning an object
into a axis web-service is concerned.  (Like generating a WSDL, then
changing it to what you really want; generating stubs/deploy.wsdd with
wsdl2java then putting your server-config.wsdd under the
$APPROOT/WEB-INF directory, etc.)  I'm starting my own blog here in the
next day or two, and I'm going to post a series of blogs called "The
Axis/Web-service Interop Files".  As soon as it is up, if your
interested I'll let you know.


From: Suzy Fynes [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 10:57 AM
Subject: deploying web service with database class import

I want to deploy my java class as a web service. If this class imports 3
other classes from my project do I need to deploy them too? Also one of
these classes accesses a mysql database on the server, will this effect
the deployment?

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