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From "Liu, Scott" <>
Subject The Attributes and the UN-"wrapper" style
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 23:31:48 GMT
Hi, All,

There has been discussion about the "wrapper" style and the attributes
in the past. And Axis does not support wrapper element attributes since
JAX-RPC spec says that the wrapper element should not have attributes. I
have no problem with it. But I do like people to clarify the following

1. I know that it might be against the spec to have attributes for the
wrapper element. But it is such a simple change on Axis to support
attributes (I made minor change on client code generated with Axis tool
and it worked) I am wondering why the JAX-RPC insists that there is no
attributes for the wrapper element (.NET supports the attributes
anyway)? Does anyone know the story behind this?

2. I did not read the whole JAX-RPC spec and so what I said might be
wrong. Correct me if it is the case.

Since attributes are such a big part of xml schema and if I use the
attributes to go with the UN-wrapped style does Axis support it? My test
revealed that it did not with v1.1. Is there a patch or will it be
supported in Axis 1.2 for un-wrapped style?

Your explanation is highly appreciated,



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