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From Sandeep Advani <>
Subject XMLType
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:30:10 GMT

After going through initial documentation of AXIS
Java, I have a web-service with a method signature as

public void test(String methodName, Object[] arg);

This method test loads a class and invokes a method
"methodName" passing the arguments "arg" via 
method.invoke( someObject, arg)

Now, I am trying to write a client which will call
this method TEST and pass an object array as second
argument. This object array will depend on the method
it wants to invoke. If method has 2 arguments int and
boolean, it was pass the second parameter arg as new
Object[] {2, true}

During client specification, when we try to do
call.addParameter(...); it needs a second argument
which is a XMLType.something. 

Is there any XMLType for an Object array or can you
point me to any right direction for further reading?

Your efforts will be appreciated.


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