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From Benjamin Levy <>
Subject Axis server, Cocoa WebServices, and complex data types
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 17:38:27 GMT
I have had very good luck with implementing my server using Axis (1.1) 
and very rapidly developing a .NET client with wsdl.exe and C#, with no 
problems really.  I'm not trying to bring up an OS X client and having 
some troubles with complex data types.  Does anyone have any advice 
about using the WebServicesCore framework with an Axis server?

The details of my situation are that I've used JavaBeans for some 
complex data types and the built in bean serializer from Axis.  On OS X 
I've used WSMakeStubs to get started.  I then made a minor modification 
to the class it generated because it was looking at the result element 
named "functionReturn" and Axis sends "ns1:functionReturn" (I'm 
assuming that's a flaw in WebServicesCore or WSMakeStubs, but I don't 
really know).  That works pretty well.  Then I figured out how to get 
an NSDictionary sent as the right type to match my server beans by 
using kWSRecordType.  When the server function being called returns a 
complex data type as a serialized bean, WebServicesCore correctly makes 
it available as an NSDictionary as well.  The problem is when the 
server returns an array of these complex data types, the 
WebServicesCore gives me an NSArray, but it doesn't find the array 
items.  I've captured the packets so I know they're there, and I've 
stepped through the code made by WSMakeStubs and it doesn't seem to get 
a parse error or any other fault, it just ignores the items in the 

With getting the .NET client going so easily, I don't think there 
should be any server configuration thing to change with Axis, but I'd 
be open to any advice.

Ben Levy

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