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From "Zwicky, William R ERDC-CERL-IL Contractor" <>
Subject invokeOneWay is not isolating parameter objects?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 23:38:37 GMT
I have a client that effectively calls:
stub.invokeOneWay( new Object[] { "job_1" } );
stub.invokeOneWay( new Object[] { "job_2" } );
stub.invokeOneWay( new Object[] { "job_3" } );

But that's not what the server is receiving.  Under Axis 1.1, the server
method( "job_3" );
method( "job_3" );
method( "job_3" );

In other words, all three calls have the same parameter.  This seems to be
time-based; if I single-step the client in the debugger, then the three
messages are fine.  They're only mangled when running full speed.

Even worse, the latest 1.2 beta doesn't deliver all the messages, and
produces strange exceptions.  First run produced two copies of
method("job_2") and exceptions, second run produced one message followed by
"stream closed" exceptions.

Any idea what's going on?


// William R. Zwicky
// USA-CERL  (217) 352-6511 x7405
// Champaign, IL

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