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From "Wagle, Shriniwas" <>
Subject RE: session management problem
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:31:26 GMT
I haven't tried it, but if I had a need I'd try something like this:
- Start with the message context and go on from there.  Something like..
msgC = MessageContext.getCurrentContext();

>From this point on, you should be able to do the usual stuff.  Also take a
look at Axis API docs.


From: Dorner Thomas [] 
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 10:09 AM
Subject: session management problem



I use Apache Axis sessions (SOAP-Haeder based) and I need to know when a
session was destroyed, but I can't find a session timeout notifying
mechanism for axis.

Does anybody have any idea?


Hope somebody can give me a tip :-(


There is a similar solution for standard servlets based on
HttpSessionBindingListener :





import java.util.*;

import java.lang.*;

import javax.servlet.*;

import javax.servlet.http.*;


public class TestSessionServer extends HttpServlet


public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws
ServletException, IOException



PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();

String command = req.getParameter("command");

HttpSession session = req.getSession(true);


session.setAttribute("SessionObjName", new SessionTimeoutNotifier());

System.out.println("The command you typed was : "+command);

out.println("You typed : "+command);

out.println("Your session id is : "+session.getId());

} // End of doGet method



class SessionTimeoutNotifier implements HttpSessionBindingListener





public void valueBound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event)


System.out.println("The session has started : "+event.getSession().getId());



public void valueUnbound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event)


System.out.println("The session has ended : "+event.getSession().getId());





Thanks Thomas


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