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From MArtin Schumacher <>
Subject Re: using axis ant tasks, documentation
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 14:11:24 GMT
matthew.hawthorne wrote:

> MArtin Schumacher wrote:
>> Right now I try to find out how to use the complexType-Tag... but 
>> there is no documentation about that. Does anyone has an idea? Some 
>> Links to
>> tutorials which work with the ant-tasks or some stuff like that. 
> How about the 'samples' directory in the Axis distribution...?

There is just one in the ejb-example... But no Documentation about it... 
So in my case, I have no idea how to use the complexType-Tag. Where does 
the Class specified in the complexType-Tag have to be. Just at the 
classpath seems not to be enough... Just have a look at my former 
posting <>

>> There are a lot of tutorials where I can learn how to write my own 
>> WSDL ans WSDD Files... But why do I have to do that?
> You shouldn't have to write the WSDL unless you really want to.  Writing 
> the WSDD is necessary because it tells Axis about your service.

Thats my Point. I don't have to (and I don't want to). But why is there 
nearly no full documentation about using of the generators for this 
tasks? I know, that there is just less time to do the documentation, but 
esp. for an OpenSource-Project its important, that people use their 
stuff. But how, if I need to work more than a few hours to understand 
how to use it?


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