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Subject Re: Writing a C++ Axis Client
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:03:27 GMT
Thank you for your help so far,
I have created the client using an ATL Application & Including a Web  
Reference. This much worked before the server was setup for authentication. The  base 
class is a generated class by te Web Reference, and not  
SoapHttpClientProtocol. I am unclear how I can get to the point where I can make  the simple
to add credentials. I have a web service of type  CadminHandlerServiceT which 
is autogenerated. It does not have any methods  having to do with 
Perhaps I have to initialize some new class? HttpClient classes have been  
confusing me because the documentation is very poor. 
Could anybody please help,
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The base class for your client should be  SoapHttpClientProtocol.  You can 
set the credentials as such  (pseudo-code):
myClient.Credentials = new  NetworkCredential(user, pass, domain)
This class will negotiate with many auth  schemes including basic 
authentication.  I've used this in C# with  Mappoint.NET and it works.
hope this helps.

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Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2004 12:44  PM
Subject: Writing a C++  Axis Client

Hello fellow programmers,
I am currently trying to write an Axis client in C++. I am using Visual  C++ 
.net to accomplish this task. I was able to succesfully write a client,  
however now I need to implement authentication.
I am having a terribly hard time finding information on a simple  and 
effective way to implement Basic Http Authentication through the Visual  C++ project.
I was wondering if somebody could give me some pointers such as  possible 
classes I should use, maybe a few lines of code or a sample  function call from 
your clients.
I have attempted to look this up in MSDN, however I keep getting led  around 
in circles and taken to horribly ambiguous examples.
Sincere thanks,
James Crosson
_NYY96@aol.com_ ( 


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