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From Jerome Lacoste <>
Subject RE: overwritten un/deploy.wsdd files when using axis-wsdl2java task for webservices with identical mapped package names
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:27:03 GMT
On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 18:31 -0400, Christophe Roudet wrote:
> Try with the ant copy task associated with a mapper:
> <copy file="deploy.wsdd" todir="${configuration.dir}">
>   	<mapper type="glob" from="*.wsdd" to="myservice-*.wsdd" /> 
>  </copy>

And while I am at it, that doesn't solve all:

I have to specify the exact file path for this task to work, and the file path for the deploy.wsdd
file depends on the package name.
I have then either to add a parameter to my gen.wsdd target, or to convert the package name
into a directory using some Ant trickery.

I have thinking about it for over 30 min now, and I haven't come up with a clean solution
on how to do that.

So I ended up doing a two stage move/rename operation.

    <move todir="${dist.dir.wsdd}" flatten="true">
      <fileset dir="${build.dir.wsdd}" includes="**/*.wsdd"/>
    <move file="${dist.dir.wsdd}/deploy.wsdd" tofile="${dist.dir.wsdd}/${}-deploy.wsdd"
    <move file="${dist.dir.wsdd}/undeploy.wsdd" tofile="${dist.dir.wsdd}/${}-undeploy.wsdd"

"That ain't pretty but that works" (TM)


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