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From Baiss Eric Magnusson <>
Subject Re: Get past Axis logging problem
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 03:12:21 GMT
Hello Joe,

Thanks for your suggestion, it is a valid debugging step.
I did as you suggested and got the correct result below, I believe the 
<!> is there because I had embedded the <> into 
<axis.jar> based upon an earlier suggestion. The error remains the same 
as before.

> URL url = 
> this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("");

	url->  jar:file:/Library/Java/Extensions/axis.jar!/

All the files are in the same correct directory, they all have the same 
They are in group <Admin>.
The parts of Axis I have are identical on both my development machine, 
where Axis runs correctly; and the server, where it doesn't.

On Jul 11, 2004, at 8:27 PM, Joe Nall wrote:

>> I get a NoClassDefError on the following line
>>      private static Log log = 
>> LogFactory.getLog(BasicHandler.class.getName() );
>> of
>> I have determined that Axis will not read <> on my
>> server no matter where I put the file, nor does it say it is failing 
>> to
>> read it, but maybe that's by design.
> Are you sure you don't have a permission problem on log4j-1.2.8.jar? 
> commons-logging.jar?
> The directory it is in?
> Where did you put the jar files?
> What user is axis running under?

> What container are you running in (Tomcat/JBoss/...)? Where is it 
> installed?

I don't know how to answer the container question, from <Server 
Settings> I simply click the checkbox
<Start Web Service> and no error messages appear.

> If you are sure all of that is correct - print the classpath at 
> runtime from the code and check again.
> Does something like this find in your runtime 
> environment?
> URL url = 
> this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("");
> Google for and use the guts to search for LogFactory in 
> your runtime class path
> I don't think your error has anything to do with, Java
> version or operating sytem - it looks like you are missing some runtime
> piece of commons logging or log4j.
> joe
Baiss Eric Magnusson

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