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From Jason Etherton>
Subject Re: Multiple deployments
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:40:51 GMT
Thanks very much!!!

Anand Natrajan wrote:

>The java2wsdl that requires a location generates a static, "compile-time"
>WSDL file that you can use to generate server skeletons (using wsdl2java).
>The skeletons generated do NOT contain machine-specific code. Once you've
>filled in the skeletons, you can discard that WSDL file if you like because
>Axis can generate a new one for your service on demand.
> is a client-side stub. Yes, it's unfortunate that
>when you run wsdl2java, Axis dumps the client-side stubs as well as the
>server-side skeletons in the same directory - not too fond of that. However,
>moving past that, the locator file is something your clients will use when
>they access the "run-time" WSDL from the machine(s) where you have deployed
>your service. Since it's the clients who are using the locator, yes, it
>contains the name of the machine, but that's okay. (As an aside, in my
>build.xml I actually regexpreplace that very line to do a lookup into a
>properties file, thus making the stubs also a bit more dynamic.)
>On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Jason Etherton wrote:
>: Thanks, but what about:
>: 1) the java2wsdl requiring a location
>: 2) the that is generated - it has the
>: location of the service as a public final String?
>: Jason
>: Anand Natrajan wrote:
>: >Jason,
>: >
>: >Axis does not require recompilation. If your application itself requires the
>: >hostname, that's a different issue.
>: >
>: >Let's say you develop your webservices on the machine batman. When doing so,
>: >you will write Java interface/classe, java2wsdl them to get a WSDL,
>: >wsdl2java that to get a WSDD and server skeletons. You will fill in the
>: >skeletons - all code non-specific to batman. Then you will either paste the
>: >deploy.wsdd got from wsdl2java into batman's Axis's server-config.wsdd or
>: >you will start up the app server on batman, deploy Axis within and deploy
>: >deploy.wsdd. The latter effectively does the former, i.e., pastes into
>: >server-config.wsdd.
>: >
>: >So far so good, you've deployed on batman. But now you want to deploy on the
>: >machine spiderman as well. You don't have to recompile. All you have to do
>: >is take your axis.war directory/file from batman and copy it over to
>: >spiderman (assuming the jars for your application are inside axis.war's lib
>: >directory). The WSDDs in question are NOT machine-specific, therefore by
>: >doing so, you have deployed on spiderman as well.
>: >
>: >How to check? Go to http://spiderman:8080/axis and drill your way down to
>: >the WSDL for your service. You should clearly see the SOAP address point to
>: >spiderman, not batman. You're set.
>: >
>: >Anand
>: >
>: >On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Jason Etherton wrote:
>: >
>: >: Just a quickie folks, I need to deploy the same webservice onto many
>: >: different servers, so my question is:
>: >:
>: >: Do I have to recompile my code for every server with an 'ant
>: >:'-type compilation, using the
>: >: server.hostname property in the java2wsdl Ant script, or is there
>: >: another (simpler) way?
>: >:
>: >: Thanks.
>: >:
>: >: As a small aside, why does the '-p' option (the new package into which
>: >: the generated source files are placed) not exist in the Ant wsdl2java task?
>: >:
>: >: Jason
>: >
>: >
>: >

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