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From "matthew.hawthorne" <>
Subject Re: Deployment Descriptor - deploy.wsdd vs. web.xml
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:33:44 GMT
Jason Etherton wrote:
> When I added an Axis Ant task (war) to my build file it told me I needed 
> the "webxml" atttribute.  Upon looking this up I found that it is the 
> URL of the deployment descriptor, so I added the URL for the 
> WSDL2Java-generated 'deploy.wsdd'.
> I know this is wrong, but what I don't know is how to generate/write the 
> web.xml deployment decriptor.
> Will someone please tell me why 2 deployment descriptors and what the 
> difference is?
> Also, if the WSDD is not the deployment descriptor, why is it generated 
> as such?

It seems like there are a few distinct concepts that are being mixed 
together here.

web.xml and *.wsdd are 2 different descriptor types, with 2 different 
As far as I know, the Ant "war" task has nothing to do with Axis -- it 
just provides a way
to build a standard war file.

To run the Axis server, you need to have the Axis war file deployed on 
your servlet
container somewhere.  If you were to jar up the webapps/axis directory 
of the Axis distribution, and
name it (for example axis.war), this would be a deployable Axis 
installation, typically reached at

Now, in order to use the *.wsdd file, you need to send it to the Axis 
server and tell it to deploy.
I do it like this:


Any classes referenced in your wsdd must be visible to the Axis server. 
  I do this by bundling Axis
inside of my ear file, but a simpler way may just be to put your classes 
in axis.war/WEB-INF/classes, just
like it was your own war file.

I've touched a few different topics here, sorry if things are jumbled. 
Basically, you don't need a web.xml to use Axis,
but you do need a wsdd file.

You should take a look at, especially 
"Installation" and "User's Guide".  They give more detailed
explanations of the things I've said here.

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