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From Peter Walker <>
Subject Dynamic wsdl generation ?wsdl ??
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:51:20 GMT
Hello Axis-people,
Am currently looking at a deployed system for a client with a secure
website and an https SOAP interface to a WebService.  This app. has
recently been extended to serve two additional domains and after some
reconfiguration have got the 3 websites working on the app. server.  The
SOAP interface has not been so straightforward and I am wondering if what
is proposed is even possible...
Three domains will call the WebService:

I had expected that appending ?wsdl to each of these urls would result in
a matching WSDL document, but this doesn't seem to work properly - the
first url works OK but subsequent ones give a ClassCastException in the

Can send stacktrace etc. if this behaviour is wrong, but could someone
tell me first if this is correct usage of Axis - should the WSDL be
generated dynamically each time an http request is received?  Is some code
required to achieve this?  Do they need 3 separate WebServices?

The setup is Orion 2.0.2 and Axis 1.1

If I've missed anything on the list - please redirect!


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