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Subject Re: WS-I Test on doc/literal Web Service
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 17:51:06 GMT

      <binding name="....." type="mxws:PortType">
            <soap:binding style="document"
            <operation name="....">
                  <soap:operation style="document"/>
                        <soap:body  use="literal"/>
                  <soap:body use="literal" />
      <service name=".....">
            <port name="......" binding="mxws:Binding">
                  <soap:address location="........"/>

- Junaid

             Jim Murphy                                                    
             .com>                                                      To 
             06/17/2004 01:34                                           cc 
                                       Re: WS-I Test on doc/literal Web    
             Please respond to         Service                             

What does your Binding look like?

Mindreef, Inc. wrote:

> This is not a question on Axis, but rather a problem that I'm facing
> running the WS-I test tool on my doc/literal Web Services. I have
> doc/literal Web Services with some operations whose return type is void.
> The WSDL looks like:
>       <message name="Request">
>             <part name="input" element="......"/>
>       </message>
>       <message name="Response"/>
>       <portType name="....">
>             <operation name=".....">
>                   <input message="mxws:Request"/>
>                   <output message="mxws:Response"/>
>             </operation>
>       </portType>
> The output message in the WSDL has no parts. I believe this is the
> way (as per WS-I) of defining operations whose input and/or output is
> The SOAP response on the wire has an empty SOAP body, which also seems
> correct:

>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

>  <soapenv:Envelope

>  xmlns:soapenv=""

>  xmlns:xsd=""

>  xmlns:xsi="">

>   <soapenv:Body/>

>  </soapenv:Envelope>


> The WS-I Analyzer however reports the following error:
> Assertion: WSI1013
> Result: Failed

>  Failue Message: The content of the response message did not match the

>  wsdl:message definition. The order of parts in soap:body does not match

>  the order of wsdl:partS in wsdl:message, or it has a doc-lit binding but

>  the child element of soap:body is not an instance of the global element

>  declaration referenced by the corresponding wsdl:part, or it has an

>  rpc-lit binding but no wrapper element.


> Is this a valid error or a bug in the WS-I testing tool that needs to be
> reported? Has anyone seen this before?
> Thanks,
> Junaid

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