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From "Kirby, Stephen (Civ,ARL/CISD)" <>
Subject REPOST: ConnectionException: connection refused question
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:14:52 GMT

	(I sent this out last night which is probably bad timing so I've
done a repost here.........Is this as simple as altering some port
numbers appropriately?)
	I am accessing a java web service inside a java servlet which is
called from html.  The web service is deployed and I have set the port
address within the file to 8081.  When I enter my
values into the html  whose action it is to call the servlet, I get: connection refused
	I am using for the tcpmon call:
	java org.apache.axis.utils.tcpmon 8081 localhost 8080.
	What is weird is that I wrote a small piece of java code  which
gets a stub to the web service exactly the same way as the java servlet.
When I run it at the command line, the web service is connected to just
fine, and the transaction  shows up in  tcpmon.
	Thus, it seems then that when I run this through the web page,
it is trying to use a port already  taken  (is this the implication of
connection refused?)  I'm not clear why the command line  code works
and the web access doesn't.
	Any ideas anyone?
	Best regards,

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