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From karim <>
Subject Re: Only Default Construktor?
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 08:15:23 GMT wrote:

>e.g., I have a class This class have two constructors - a
>default one and one with some parameters. Suppose, we want to publish this
>class as a WS. The question is - is it allowed in this case to have not only
>default constructor? The question is because I couldn't find any
>operation-element in .wsdl-file for MyService (if it is with only default
>constructor) like MyService().
>So, you can publish only methods from one classe as WS, but not its
>If it is not allowed to have other constructors except the default one, so a
>work arond could be a method init(), am I right?
I'm quite new to Axis but I think that the default constructor is always 
called (more or less times, depending on the scope value).

You are allowed to have other constructors than the default constructor 
but I think that you must also create a method like the 
init(parameters...) method if you want to have the same behaviour.

Maybe there is a solution to call a constructor but I don't know it and 
I had to use the init method.

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