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From pyounguk cho <>
Subject purpose/usage of .wsdd file
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 19:59:51 GMT
    Could anybody explain what deployment.wsdd file is for? Is it used to generate wsdl file
on the fly? Or, is it used to map and resolve runtime information necessary to process each
soap request sent to deployed services? 

    The answer to the above question will help clarify what kind of information one needs
to put in the deployment.wsdd file. For instance, I am having trouble deploying document-literal
web services, whose root cause seems to have to do with lack of entries in the wsdd file,
and I feel completely clueless. I am using Axis 1.2 beta running on tomcat 5.0.25 on Redhat.

    Here is what I have done so far. I need to create and deploy document-literal style web
services out of an existing wsdl file. It has operations that use message parts of complex
types wrapped as elements for both input and output. I
    - generated jax-rpc client stub and service skeleton using wsdl2java ant task from the
predefined wsdl file
    - created a service class that implements the generated service skeleton
    - composed a .wsdd file with <wsdlFile> tag for the purpose of using the orignial
    - deployed the service using admin-client with .wsdd file and compiled jar file
    - created a client class that uses the generated Locator/Stub
    When running the client, I've got a "No Such operation..." error. After searching the
axis mailinglist, I added <operation> element under the <service> with name spaces.
With that, I've got another error:"org.apache.axis.InternalException: java.lang.Exception:
The OperationDesc for ws1 was not synchronized to a method of foo.ServiceImpl".

    Now the question is what more I need to put in the .wsdd file? When I want to use my wsdl
file instead of the one genererated by axis, how does it affect the runtime behavior to specify
values for, for instance, "style" and "use" attribute in <service> element?  How about
<wsdlTargetNamespace> or <operation> elements? Do I need to add <typemapping>
element for each schema definition in the wsdl file and every class generated by wsdl2java
spelling out all the (de)serializers? Does Axis runtime look into the wsdl file before/after

    If anybody has any ideas what went wrong in my steps or can pass me any pointer to useful
.wsdd reference manual, it will be appreciated. Composing deploy.wsdd would be more straigtforward
if Axis separates items for wsdl generation from those for processing requests.


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