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From Joe Nall <>
Subject wsdl2java package mapping and manually deployed wsdlfile
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 14:07:22 GMT
We are trying to interoperate with a service that does explicit package
mapping in their wsdl2java and then manually deploys their WSDL file
using <wsdlFile> in the wsdd in Axis 1.1. Because they are manually
deploying their wsdl, the package mapping is lost.
Our service and their service share a common support schema which is
unfortunately mapped into different packages. Do to doc/literal wsdl
generation bugs in 1.1, we manually deploy our wsdl also.
I'm looking for some guidance on what to to the manually deployed
wsdl and schema to match the effects of the <mapping> in wsdl2java
so I can create something interoperable. Is it enough to rewrite the
import namespace URL in the manually deployed wsdl and the
targetNamespace in the schema?


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