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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: Project from hell?
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 19:53:11 GMT
Galbreath, Mark A wrote:

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>From: Sherman, Dennis (END-CHI) []
>Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 9:12 AM
>Your task sounds to me suspiciously like someone at an executive level
>having heard about web services, and thinking they've found the silver
>bullet to all their problems.
Then you've got two choices I'd see as reasonable. The first is to use 
an actual web service, with the clients converted from applets to 
standalone applications (perhaps deployed using JWS, a great solution). 
You could use JMS or SMTP for the actual web services, to get the 
queuing advantages you said were important. This should let you preserve 
much of the UI and avoid a total rewrite.

The second alternative is to either modify your existing applet-based 
code or design a pure HTML approach that talks to servlets, with the 
servlets implementing queuing behind the scenes. I don't know how much 
this would help with your basic problems, though.

Using an applet based frontend for web services is possible, but really 
only makes sense if you've already got a web service that you just want 
to access from the applet - I really wouldn't recommend this as an 
up-front design.

  - Dennis

Dennis M. Sosnoski
Enterprise Java, XML, and Web Services
Training and Consulting
Redmond, WA  425.885.7197

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