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From "Hainer Neil" <>
Subject Re: Wanted: Idiot's guide to axis
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 15:22:38 GMT
Just looked at the NewbieTrails.  So are you looking for volunteers to 
work on the following:

    Requested Trails

 * UsingCommandLineTools? <>
 * GettingStartedWithAttachments? <>
 * BestPracticeForCreatingServices? <>

If so, is there are certain approach to supplying the requested 
information?  Anotherwords, if I submit something is there any type of 
editing process - specifically to ensure everything is technically correct?

Andrew Premdas wrote:

>Couldn't agree more, see Best Practices thread in this list. I'm starting a
>newbie trails guide on the axis wiki. Perhaps you would like to read and
>All best
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Lee, Ken []
>Sent: 13 May 2004 15:49
>Subject: Wanted: Idiot's guide to axis
>Web services are difficult...
>The wiki at
> is
>helpful, but there isn't enough detail, or I just am not experienced
>enough with XML to understand.
>Does anyone any a recommended step-by-step approach to learning how to
>write _GREAT_ Web services?
>For example, what are the appropriate places to use Web services?
>I have seen a lot of messages about sending attachments up to the
>server, but that is not how I thought a Web service would be used.  I
>was thinking about an example: I send a invoice number to a getInvoice()
>web service that returns a PDF file.  Is this appropriate for a Web
>service.  It is providing a valued service after all.  But then, how in
>the world would you program this?  Heck, I'd love to see a mocked up
>example that returns any pdf file in a directory just to see it work.
>Would the client need axis?  Could this be accessed with a URL -
>something like
>Would the PDF then render in the browser?
>I would like to see a book (Idiot's guide or something) that had real
>examples (working examples):
>RPC - Send two numbers, get the result back (easy)
>RPC - Send text, get a pdf back of the text as an attachment (hard)
>Wrapped seems so close to RPC, that I would include an example of these
>with the modified .wsdd file.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is the only
>difference I could find.
>Message services - What a can of worms this has been.  I have worked for
>weeks to get something working (unfortunately, lots of unanswered posts
>- how do you ask questions that get answered?).  This is an area that I
>have seen very few working examples.  The echoMessage Web service really
>didn't help me.  I would love to see a simple example using third type
>of Message style using documents.
>I found the book "Professional XML Development with Apache Tools" by
>Leung to be helpful and also complicated.  Are there other good books
>out there that are current.  I keep waiting for the Apache Axis book
>from O'Reilly to get published.  It has a publish date of last March,
>but I haven't seen it available yet.
>If I ever get to understand this stuff, I wouldn't mind writing a guide
>myself - sure, I volunteer, but first I need to learn it!
>Thanks for listening,
>Ken Lee

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