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From easterguest <>
Subject Re: Attachments Axis and .NET
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 14:12:32 GMT
Not fully answering your question, but you might want to consider 
returning only URL's to the image, instead of the image itself.
Configure your http server to serve the image url's with or without 
authentication (embedded into the url for example).

That way, whoever consumes your web service only loads the images he wants.

Andrew Premdas wrote:

>I'm an Axis newbie struggling away not very successfully at the moment :(
>What I want to do is create a range of services that send images. I was
>hoping to use Axis as the server, java code as the provider and to be able
>to send the images using attachments to both .NET clients and other clients.
>The images are in a database.
>Services envisaged
>getMyPhoto(String myId) returns a gif
>getPhotos(String[] ids) returns perhaps a zip file of gif's
>Anyhow I've read that there are problems with attachments from Axis to .NET,
>is this still true? Am I going about things in the right way? Finally could
>anyone point me to resources that might help in this particular task.
>All best

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