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From Peter Molettiere <>
Subject Re: SOAP message size limit with Axis
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 22:38:11 GMT

We've been having possibly similar problems, and traced it into axis. 
Apparently, axis does a lot of short-term object creation during 
serialization, which can result in OutOfMemoryExceptions for reasonably 
large data sets (30M), even with -Xmx set to values up to 1.5G. In a 
profiler we can see that axis has a major sawtooth profile for its 
memory usage while it serializes, which results in the 

We're planning to fix the issue by sending our data as an attachment, 
avoiding the overhead of the axis serialization code.

I don't know whether message.getContentLength() actually tries to 
deserialize the stream or not -- you'd think it would just read the 
header. (I'm assuming you're using POST, as GET probably wouldn't give 
you enough data to cause the OOM.)


On May 13, 2004, at 3:08 PM, Nelson Minar wrote:

>> When the request comes into the Handler (i'm using the axis stable
>> version 1.1), when i try to do an Long length =
>> message.getContentLength(), my Tomcat3 server prints out a nice
>> OutOfMemoryException, so i can't discard the long messages.
> Do you know about the -Xmx flag to the JVM to increase the amount of
> memory it is allowed to access? This is not specific to Tomcat or
> Axis, but more a general Java thing.

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