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From "Dhanush Gopinath" <>
Subject Re: Populating SOAPHeader and SOAPBody.
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 06:59:05 GMT

In that case u may need to parse the string and set the SOAPHeader of the SOAPEnvelope according
to the namespace and values
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Ilari Kontinen
  Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 12:05 PM
  Subject: Re: Populating SOAPHeader and SOAPBody.

  Dhanush Gopinath wrote:

  > Hi There
  >  At the client side u can instatiate a Stub Object from the
  > org.apache.axis.client and use
  > a method setHeader() to set the Header of an out going SOAP Message, 
  > I mean request Message.
  > At the server side  do this :
  >    * MessageContext msgContext = MessageContext.getCurrentContext();
  >    Message reqMsg = msgContext.getRequestMessage();
  >   // Gets the SOAPNevelope for the Request Message  
  >   SOAPEnvelope soapEnv= reqMsg.getSOAPEnvelope();
  >   // Gets the SOAPHeader for the Request Message
  >   SOAPHeader soapHead=
  > (org.apache.axis.message.SOAPHeader)soapEnv.getHeader();
  >   // Gets all the SOAPHeaderElements into an Iterator
  >   Iterator itrElements= soapHead.getChildElements();*
  > Iterate through this iterator to extract each Child element of  the
  > Header.

  Yes, I am able to extract the data from an incoming SOAPEnvelope, but I
  was wondering what is the easiest/right way to input the data back to
  another SOAPEnvelope, when I have the Header and Body parts as Strings
  (in a database). I need to do it at the server-side, so the client
  methods are not available.

  >     Hello,
  >     I would like to have some advices / comments about populating
  >     SOAPHeader
  >     and SOAPBody of a SOAPEnvelope (org.apache.axis.message.*).
  >     I have a web service that receives a SOAPEnvelope, and saves its
  >     SOAPHeader and SOAPBody parts to a database (as String). At a later
  >     time, when another SOAP-request comes in, the web service gets the
  >     String-values from database, and populates the SOAPEnvelope with them.
  >     I am wondering, what is the easiest/best/right way to populate the
  >     SOAPHeader and SOAPBody of the SOAPEnvelope when they are already
  >     represented as Strings?
  >     For example, if the SOAPHeader-part is saved as following in the
  >     database, how should I insert it to a SOAPEnvelope?
  >     <SOAP-ENV:Header>
  >         <ar:MessageHeader SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1">
  >             <ar:From>
  >                 <ar:PartyId>ID 1</ar:PartyId>
  >                 <ar:Role>requester</ar:Role>
  >             </ar:From>
  >             <ar:To>
  >                 <ar:PartyId>ID 1</ar:PartyId>
  >                 <ar:Role>responder</ar:Role>
  >             </ar:To>
  >         </ar:MessageHeader SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1">
  >     </SOAP-ENV:Header>
  >      ~ Ilari Kontinen


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