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From "Pete Clark" <>
Subject map bean to XML
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 21:05:20 GMT
Gents, I have a class I'm returning that follows standard javabean get/set conventions.  On
the client side, I have a "generic" axis client that handles scalar types (String, Integer,
etc.) as well as Element.  My question is, is there any way I can return, say, an Employee
bean from my web service menthod, and cast it to Element/XML on the client side?  I've tried
to do this, but if my bean has, say:


fields.. I see via TCPMON the SOAP response contains <firstname>..</firstname><lastname>...</lastname>
 etc. and their correct values, but my Axis client code (when I specify return type of Constants.SOAP_ELEMENT),
just gets the <firstname> Element, and seems to think that's the whole document.  I've
tried a beanmapping like this and many other variants:

<beanMapping qname="apachesoap:Element"  xmlns:apachesoap=""

Anything I can do here to get the whole response document?  The WSDL is even generating fine,
generating the complexType for Employee perfectly using the beanMapping above.


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