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From Nicholas Remy <>
Subject Emply xmlns attribute
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 15:15:47 GMT

The following code snippet:

            SOAPFactory sf = SOAPFactory.newInstance();
            Name bodyName = sf.createName("getImage", "i", 
            SOAPBodyElement sbe = soapBody.addBodyElement(bodyName);

            Name usrName = sf.createName("user");
            SOAPElement usr = sbe.addAttribute(usrName, "keymaster");
            Name pwdName = sf.createName("pwd");
            SOAPElement pwd = sbe.addAttribute(pwdName, "gatekeeper");

            Name latName = sf.createName("item");
            SOAPElement lat = sbe.addChildElement(latName);

...produces the following SOAP:


 <i:getImage user="keymaster" pwd="gatekeeper" 
   <item xmlns="">12345</item>


The tutorials and examples I used to build the code gave no indication 
that the xmlns attribute would be present--let alone blank.  Is there a 
way to avoid the empty/null xmlns (xmlns="")?

Thank you!

Nicholas (Nick) Remy

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