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From Jim Murphy <>
Subject Re: Have doubts about Doc/Lit with axis
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:29:05 GMT
Anne Thomas Manes wrote:

> For the most part, I concur with Jim. If you want to create an RMI-style
> programming interface, always use wrapped/literal. On the other hand, if you
> want to send a predefined schema (such as a standard schema defined by your
> favorite vertical industry group), you may need to use Document/Literal --
> particularly if the schema contains attributes. Wrapped/Literal simulates
> the RPC style, and it doesn't permit attributes. 

Just to *finally* get this clear in my own mind.  I've always assumed 
that Wrapped disallowed attributes at the "parameters" level.  So if I 
had an operation that took a complexType as an argument the type itself 
could have attribute content as long as the wrapper itself doesn't.  Is 
this wrong?

void foo(SomeType t)

Might look like this on the wire:

      <foo> <!-- No attribute allowed - for sure -->
         <t> <!-- No attribute allowed - don't know why not? -->
           <a c="d" /> <!-- Attribute allowed - aren't they? -->
           <b />

Jim Murphy
Mindreef, Inc.

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