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From Barzilai Spinak <>
Subject Re: Maintaining index for Arrays with null values
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 16:51:39 GMT

A *reference* (e.g. variable) of type java.lang.Boolean can have a  
value of null (meaning it's not referencing any object) or it can
reference a real object (instance) of type  Boolean.
However, this instance, cannot have a value of null.  (see constructors 
of Boolean, and Boolean.booleanValue())

A primitive variable of type "boolean" can only have the primitive 
values "true" or "false".

This is Java. Schema types, I guess, behave in a similar way although I 
haven't bothered checking it :-)


Tudor, Liviu @Cimage wrote:

>Not necessarily, BarZ -- have a look at java.lang.Boolean, which of course is a class,
therefore an object of that type can be null as well! :D
>	Liv
>Liviu Tudor 

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