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From "Mantri, Mr. Ramesh (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: question on Axis Handlers
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 01:10:27 GMT
In my very brief stint with Axis, I did come across "deploy.wsdd" files.
But I am assuming that this file is read only when you deploy the service
through "AdminClient" which is a totally Axis-specific activity. In a
servlet-engine environment, servlets are "deployed" through web.xml. Is
it somehow possible to reconcile/merge these two different activities?
For instance, one method that quickly comes to my mind is to run this
"AdminClient" inside a servlet's "init" method. Is that possible? I might
understand more if someone would kindly post an example servlet that makes
use of Axis. Here I am visualizing something like getting access to a
"MessageContext" inside of a doGet() or a doPost() method etc. I am afraid
I might not be making too much sense here. But if it does make any sense,
please help. Thanks.

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From: Yakulis, Ross (Ross) []
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 5:55 PM
Subject: RE: question on Axis Handlers

Are you refering to configuring handlers in the deploy.wsdd file?

         <handler type="java:com.avaya.ucc.service.authentication.ValidationHandler"/>
         <handler type="java:com.avaya.ucc.service.authentication.ServerSessionHandler"/>
         <handler type="java:com.avaya.ucc.service.authentication.ServerSessionHandler"/>


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From: Mantri, Mr. Ramesh (Contractor) []
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 5:45 PM
Subject: question on Axis Handlers

   we are writing server-side software - Java servlets (SOAP/HTTP, JAXM, SAAJ). Recently
we were told that we would be provided a set of Apache Axis handlers that "must be 
confnigured in front of your Web service". Is it possible to achieve this without making
changes to our server-side code? The documentation says that Axis also provides a
server which "plugs into servlet engines", but I haven't found any examples to help me
understand how this is to be achieved. Please respond with a solution or references to
documentation that might help more. Thank you.
Ramesh Mantri

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