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From shaun lim <>
Subject WSDD class deployment and Interface/Implementation deployment
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 02:08:36 GMT

Hi guys..

Before i hopped on to the axis bandwagon i was playing around(okay maybe struggling is a better
word) with JWSDP. In JWSDP, web services are written with an Interface class and an Implementation
class that implements that Interface.

However, in axis, i noticed that a web service can be generated from a normal Java class.
Is that the recommended way of doing it? It does seem a lot easier ..

The Axis way of implementing with Interface/Implementation classes seem to me, a newbie, confusing.
I know that I'm supposed to use the Java2WSDL tool. Fine, and my implementation class gets
ignored, with axis prompting me to edit the *SOAPBindingImpl file. I assume I just have to
cut and paste the contents of my original Implementation class over? Really confused .. and
what do i do with all the Java files? Compiling them gives me about 15 errors, mostly about
being unable to find packages and functions. Probably due to the fact that my implementation
class calls some other classes in other packages. 

I realise that i'm asking a lot of basic things, but i can't find many tutorials that go far
beyond jws deployment. Any help?

And apart from a somewhat suspicious macromedia tutorial on jsp web clients, I have been unable
to find any tutorials on developing servlet/jsp based clients.

Many thanks for taking time to read a newbie's rants. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Have a nice day guys. I have 8 days before the end of my school project, looks like I won't
be having a very nice day.. =\

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