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From samir_chouthai <>
Subject Client side handlers
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:54:14 GMT

I have a questions about client side handlers:

I have a web services client that invokes several
"different" web services. Now I had to gather some
statistics about this client (like what call its
makes, when, where, etc) so I decided to use a client
side handler. For this, I had to add 

call.setClientHandlers(req, resp) all over my code.

Is there any other simpler and cleaner way to do this
.. like initialize the client side handler once at the
begning on the client program ?

If I add my client side handler in the
<globalConfiguration> element of client-config.wsdd,
then there is another problem. 
My handler will get invoked for all the method
invocations from all the clients running on the
machine. How do I filter invocations from the client I
am interested in ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Samir Chouthai.

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