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From "Srikanth Thiagarajan" <>
Subject JAXB vs Axis generated classes
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:27:09 GMT
Guys,<BR>I have some questions regarding JAXB and Axis.<BR><BR>1. What are
the benefits of using Axis generated classes as against<BR>using standard like JAXB?<BR>2.
Will JAXB generation be included as part of the next version of<BR>JAX-RPC spec?<BR>3.
Has anyone tried to compare the performance using Axis generated<BR>classes as against
using JAXB?<BR><BR>Now for some more specific questions.<BR><BR>I
have got Axis to work with JAXB.<BR>I have a couple of issues( small ones)<BR>1.
I have been able to make JAXB write directly to the<BR>SrializationContext by extending
SOAPBodyElement.<BR><BR>public class JAXBSoapBodyElement extends SOAPBodyElement
{<BR><BR>private Object jaxbObjectTree;<BR><BR>public JAXBSoapBodyElement(Object
object) {<BR>jaxbObjectTree = object;<BR>}<BR><BR>protected void outputImpl(SerializationContext
context) throws<BR>Exception {<BR>String wellFormedXml = JAXBMarshaller.toXml(jaxbObjectTree);<BR>wellFormedXml
= stripXmlHeader (wellFormedXml);<BR>context
 .writeString(wellFormedXml);<BR>}<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>When I call
Call.invoke I create a JAXBBodyElement instead of a<BR>SOAPBodyElement like this<BR>SOAPBodyElement[]
input = new SOAPBodyElement[1];<BR>input[0] = new JAXBSoapBodyElement(jaxbObjectTree);<BR><BR>The
problem is when I get my response I see that it gets recorded by<BR>the SAX2EventRecorder
in MessageElement. Is it possible for to use JAXB<BR>to read from the stream instead
of using the using the event recorder<BR>to record to a string and then using jaxb to
construct an object tree?<BR><BR>An help with this problem is appreciated<BR><BR><BR>
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