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From Nicholas Remy <>
Subject Re: axis doesn't generate wsdl automatically
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 14:21:32 GMT
I have not previously heard about any problem with Axis not generating 
*any* WSDL.  The first thing I'd check is that you're using the right URL 
to try to look at the WSDL:

I believe a common problem is omission of "services" from the URL.  Give 
it a try.

Nicholas Remy

Dario Di Minno <> 
03/23/2004 10:10 AM
Please respond to


axis doesn't generate wsdl automatically

I wrote a doc/lit web service, I deployed it, but appending "?wsdl" to 
the url of the service I can't get the wsdl;
I get a HTTP 500 error instead.

I've read that someone puts the wsdl file in the filesystem, but I'd 
like axis to build it when I ask to do so.

Can you help me?

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