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From "akshay kumar" <>
Subject WSDL2Java - Undefined package/class org.w3.www._2001.XMLSchema. being referenced
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 18:23:29 GMT
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<P>Hi All;</P>
<P>I am using AXIS 1.1 to generate Client and Server side stubs/skeleton.When i try
to compile the Skeleton, it complains about class/package not found.(org.w3.www._2001.XMLSchema.Any)</P>
<P>When i see the generated packages, i dont see this package or class at all. So i
am wondering why and how is AXIS refering to this class/package, which it did not generate.</P>
<P> cannot resolve symbol<BR>symbol&nbsp;
: class Any<BR>location: package XMLSchema</P>
<P>org.w3.www._2001.XMLSchema.Any ret = impl.getMultipleResourceProperties(resourceProperty);<BR><BR>====================================<BR></P>
<P>What are my options here?</P>
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