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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Multiple server responses?
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 19:04:22 GMT
Web services certainly do support asynchronous communications. In the WSDL 
definition, you define an asynchronous Web service by defining an operation 
that has an <input> message but no <output> message.

The more challenging question is whether Axis supports asynchronous 
communications. Async typically requires some type of callback mechanism. 
Some SOAP implementations (BEA and Systinet) provide automatic support for 
asynch. (the runtime automatically manages callbacks for you)

The JAX-RPC stub and proxy interfaces only support synchronous, 
request/response interactions, but the DII interface is supposed to support 
asynchronous communication. You should also be able to use the low-level 
API to send one-way messages.

Note that the client needs to also act as a service to receive a one-way 


At 05:19 AM 3/22/2004, you wrote:
>What do you like to do?
>A Webservice Request is like an Method-Call -> so a response is like a 
>Return value.
>More serverresponse is like asynchron Communication ( like subscribe 
>and  listen ).
>Asynchron Communication is as far as i know not valid with webservices at 
>this moment, but you can do this in 2 ways.
>1. use JMS
>2. your client provides allso a webservice and the server call it via 
>JAXRPC and sends the messages at this way.
>Am Mo, den 22.03.2004 schrieb Gareth Western um 10:49:
>>How can I write an axis client capable of handling multiple server
>>response messages from a single request? Is it even possible at this
>>point? Thanks,
>Anne Thomas Manes
>VP & Research Director
>Burton Group 

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