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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Application Framework :: Webservice ?? ['Watchdog': checked]
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:53:39 GMT
It sounds as if you're trying to build your own SOAP engine inside your 
application. Axis is supposed to do the request handling functionality. It 
*is* the framework you're talking about.

Handlers typically process SOAP headers or perform other types of 
system-level functions (logging, monitoring, authentication, signature 
verification, etc.)

You specify what method should be invoked for each operation type in the WSDD.

If you want to do your own request routing, then you probably want to build 
a custom "provider". A provider is responsible for taking the message after 
the handler chain is complete, transforming the SOAP body from XML into 
Java and invoking a Java object.

Axis supplies three providers:

The RPC provider performs automatic marshalling and demarshalling of the 
SOAP messages and invokes Java objects. The EJB provider performs automatic 
marshalling and demarshalling of SOAP messages and invokes stateless 
session beans. The MSG provider converts the SOAP message into a DOM and 
invokes a Java object.


At 06:19 AM 3/22/2004, you wrote:

>hey friends,
>In my application I will get a series of SOAP requests. All I need to know
>1. How do I write a general Soap request handler (like a controller), All
>the reqest should be handled here like a centralized controller.
>2. The controller should scan through the request types, based on that it
>should invoke the appropriate web-service (like action classes) - how to do
>3. Those webserivces will do all the required validations and finally
>invoke my EJB's on JBoss (Like Model in MVC).
>4. EJB's return the response data, webservice will generate the response
>object, give it to controller and finally controller returns the result to
>I looked at the API's but still confused:
>1. org.apache.axis.handlers.soap - When should i use this ?
>2. org.apache.axis.handlers.http - When should i use this ?
>In struts or any mvc framework, we map the request uri to a particular
>action classes, how do we do that in Web services?
>help me in creating a framework !
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Anne Thomas Manes
VP & Research Director
Burton Group 

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